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Deep Clean

Monthly Service

Impeccably cleaned hot tub in Logan - relax and unwind in a spotless and sanitized sanctuary in Utah.
Dirty to divine in Logan - witness the transformative power of our hot tub cleaning service in Utah.

What's Included:

Deep Spa Clean: 

  • Pipe clean

  • Filter clean

  • Water drain and replace

  • Complete interior scrub

  • Pressure Wash

  • PH balance

  • Sanitizer balance

  • Exterior detailing

Monthly Clean:

  • Sanitizer balance

  • PH balance

  • Filter clean

  • Interior scrub

  • Vacuum service

Our recommendation

Deep cleans:

Generally a spa should be deep cleaned twice a year minimum. Our clients generally choose to do this right before and right after winter.

If your spa experiences frequent use we recommend you have a deep clean quarterly.

Occassionaly something will occur that will require a deep clean. A soda fell in, a grandchild isn't quite potty trained, the wind blew the top off, etc. Message us if that happens.

Monthly Cleans:

We offer once a month cleans and twice a month cleans. The package you decide on should depend on how frequently you use the spa. As a general rule:

1-2 spa uses per week = once a month clean.

3+ spa uses per week = twice a month clean


Deep Spa Clean

For customer who have a monthly service with Deseret Spa Services 


For those without a monthly service 


Monthly Spa Clean

1 clean per month

$35 (monthly)

2 cleans per month

$60 (monthly)


Contact us to schedule a clean

TEXT Or call

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